December Schedule


Latin dance classes for everyone- Beginners to Advanced levels!

Salsa – Whether you’ve danced salsa before or not, you will find what you want in our school. Different salsa classes with different levels at your service taught by the best instructors in Doha.

Bachata –  danced with a slow hip movement and very close with the partner hence it is also a very good social activity for couples.

Zouk Lambada – Be one of the firsts to learn and experience ZOUK LAMBADA in Doha!

Kizomba -Mixed influences of traditional Semba with Angolan merengue and Kilapanda (traditional Angolan music). On this basis, Kizomba music emerged as a more modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythm

Tango – The milonguero style is characterized by a very close embrace, small steps, and syncopated rhythmic footwork. It is based on the petitero or caquero style of the crowded downtown clubs of the ’50s.

Fees: QR 60/class for walk in students


Use and enhance your kicks and punches as a self-defense, general fitness or as a general sport. Acquire the knowledge of this stand up combat sports in our school.

Fees: QR75/class

Individual and Couple packages varies, for more details please call +97433003839.

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BALLET (Ages 3 to 5)

It is never too early for our little loved ones to learn dancing. Enroll them to learn the discipline, teamwork and make new friends through dancing Ballet.

Ballet Dance Package: QR500/month (2x a week)


LATIN FOR KIDS (Ages 6 to 12)

Develop your child’s posture, movement and let them learn cha cha cha at a young age.

Latin Kids Dance Package: QR400/month (1x a week)

Latin Kids Dance Package: QR600/month (2x a week)


HIPHOP FOR KIDS (Ages 6 to 12)

Let your little tots groove to the latest moves and be funky with the rhythm.

Hip-hop Dance Package: QR400/month (1x a week)

Hip-hop Dance Package: QR600/month (2x a week)

TAE KWON DO FOR KIDS (Ages 5 to 13)

“The way of the hand and the foot”. Your little ones learning the art of self-defense and at the same time gaining new friends in our classes.


QR400/month (4 classes)

QR600/month (8 classes)



Learn the basics of playing your favorite instrument!

FREE TRIAL OF 30MINS for Piano, Guitar & Vocals

Piano, Flute, Guitar (Classic & Electric) QR650/ 1x week/ 1 hr per session

Drums, Oud, Saxophone & Vocals QR800/ 1x week/ 1 hr per session

DJ Lesson QR500/ hour

Music Studio Rentals (Fees: Qr100/ hour)

***All Classes are one-on-one with the instructor. All classes are 1 hour per session. Pre-booking for all lessons is required.

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Call/SMS: +97433003839



Location: Music and Arts Atelier, Villa 57, Bin Omran, Doha, Qatar

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